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Lucent Technologies Qingdao Company

Lucent Technologies Qingdao Company Information Center for Information Systems director Liu Xin remember very clearly that in 96 years on January 19, after 5 months of intense work, they finally sent to the U.S. headquarters of the first forecast of raw materials, the official opening of the raw material requirements planning (MRP). Since then, QAD's MFG / PRO software in Lucent Technologies Qingdao manufacturing production management company to assume an irreplaceable important role.

As project manager, Liu Xin well aware of its importance: "Without this software now, we will not survive. We use MFG / PRO to manage our entire production planning, forecasting and procurement of materials. If we can not predict reports issued in time, raw materials can not arrive on schedule, the factory would shutdown.

Lucent Lucent Qingdao is built in PBX domestic investment professional manufacturer plant in 93 years in May. In just four years, annual production reached 1 million on the line, with annual sales of 150 million U.S. dollars, users all over Wuhan, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong and other provinces and cities of Changchun, become the industry leader in production of program-controlled exchange, research The reason, MFG / PRO is a credit.

Comprehensive care for MFG / PRO

MFG / PRO system designed not only to consider the operation of a single plant, but the integrated management for the entire group, multinational companies strive to meet all branches and departments of the complex needs, Xiediao operation between them, thus the Group consistent development strategy and consistent with the overall goal to enhance the user's competitiveness.

For global multinational corporations, with these advantages of MFG / PRO is undoubtedly their ideal business management tools, such as AT & T listing the top Fortune 500 companies, many large multinational corporations have become the software user, including automotive, electronics, medical supplies, food and beverage manufacturing industries different.

AT & T spun off from Lucent and AT & T companies are the same as using QAD's MFG / PRO as its branch in the global standard for all software, so Lucent Qingdao began in the early days with the MFG / PRO to inventory management.

As the complexity of program-controlled switching production technology, product structure consists of 20 parts, involving more than 1,000 kinds of raw materials, semi-finished and finished parts more than 40,000, of which 95% is imported from the U.S. standard parts, so it becomes raw material demand forecasting and its important.

Liu Xin said: "'re so much material, manual calculation alone is unrealistic. MFG / PRO is the advanced way of thinking based on the product through operation to final demand translate into demand for raw materials and labor, under orders, to ensure the operation of the plant. "

Return on investment

In 1996, investment 100 million U.S. dollars of Lucent Qingdao Company to achieve by the MFG / PRO to manage the entire production plant. Lucent third week of each month the company's sales department of Qingdao will be the forecast of raw materials to the manufacturing department, the relevant data from the manufacturing department, including sales order entry MFG / PRO. The Ministry of materials as the basis for adjustment of product structure, different structures will have different materials which is also in accordance with the

Data on inventory management.

MRP will then automatically calculate the purchase orders were issued to domestic and foreign suppliers. Supplier to order delivery. At the same time, MRP will be inverted to produce a plan, delivery orders under the contract to determine the priority order of production, arrangements for production. Lucent Technologies Qingdao in the forecast period of two years, two years ahead of the demand for raw materials to formulate plans.

MFG / PRO software applications, so that the factory management has made great progress in data accuracy rate of 95%. Lucent Technologies Qingdao currently running two NCR3525 machine mainly MFG / PRO software inventory management, distribution management (including material inventory management, purchasing, sales management, BOM management, parts management, customer management, supplier management) Manufacturing Management (including product structure, process), work order management, master production planning, forecasting management, MPS management, MRP management and cost accounting management module.

Tailored to meet the demand

After years of application, Liu Xin right MFG / PRO with the design concept and performance of better understanding, he said: "MFG / PRO is a complete business management software, which is based on a sophisticated MRPII thought, from the forecast sales to determine the production planning point of view and purchase orders, it can be well coordinated operation between the various departments. It just started in our country also apply, but I think the prospects are very broad, we should actively learn from an advanced design thinking? Quot;

"It takes into account not only the individual company's management model is able to support even more prominent with departments in different parts of the working methods of transnational corporations, can share a database over the financial sector. Compared to similar products, it is that there is another strong high-tech features, the development of more mature. "

Liu Xin is also very much appreciated MFG / PRO high compatibility, he explained that MFG / PRO can be run on all major computer platforms, such as IBM, Compaq, HP, SUN and so on.

MFG / PRO MRP system is not in general use a program to apply all of the manufacturing process, but on the management of each industry has a specific software function, and continually updated to adapt to different applications. It is for the electronics, automotive, consumer goods, food and medical industries to provide different solutions. As the modular design is flexible, in accordance with their business customers can configure their own circumstances, so large, small businesses can use. In addition, when the client's business changes, they can make their own adjustments to the system to adapt to new demands. Lucent Qingdao, Liu Xin, once made a lot of these adjustments, such as the standard cost. He said: "MFG / PRO in the standard cost of product to sub-raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products, but the way we ask is different, so we made some changes. It is very good flexibility, using the tree structure, programming is easy. "

In addition, MFG / PRO user interface intuitive to use, people do not understand the computer can quickly use, Liu Yu-hsin, because: "This is a set of management software, focus on process rather than computer knowledge, general staff after 5 days of training had to master basic skills, some of our users can even write your own some small programs. "Even in minor matters, MFG / PRO also thoughtful: for example it automatically calculate exchange gains and losses with the financial help of financial staff more quickly and easily complete the calculations.

The training of self-support

Xin Liu said Qingdao Lucent application MFG / PRO for four years, from early only for simple inventory management, as well as subsequent management of the entire production, during which the basic problems they can own, so their information systems the whole structure works very well, MFG / PRO is running very stable, which no doubt for the factory production management has a positive role in promoting.

In addition, Lucent also often held in-house training in Qingdao, Liu Xin himself has presided over several training sessions. He believes that the development of Qingdao Lucent MFG / PRO software process, staff training has played a very important role. He said generally the normal start MRP takes 18 months, while Lucent Qingdao time in less than six months on successful completion of this project lies in the internal staff who have received previous adequate training.

The training is the main task of QAD Chinese companies and one of key support, is also rather unique way. It means the transfer of technology through training, enabling customers to have their MFG / PRO experts, to achieve self-support. At the starting time may seem slower, but long-term development perspective, this strategy is very successful in China.

In addition, QAD Chinese companies support hotline is also available in each of the different training courses are open to users about the latest technology, the user can plan their own time to participate.

Full system performance

However, am not satisfied that Liu Xin is currently just in the factory in Qingdao Lucent internal use MFG / PRO, but also focused on the manufacturing field, which is equivalent to simply use the "global supply chain management system" in a very small part of the role of the software is far from the full.

So they plan to further develop new modules, especially in financial aspects. Lucent Technologies Qingdao currently using part of the cost of computing, the next step they intend to start some general ledger, and has purchased MFG / PRO version of the new financial enhancement, ready to be put into use.

In fact, for the MFG / PRO financial part of the country can adapt to the requirements in this regard, QAD Chinese company has set up an expert group of software localization, and strive to help China's MFG / PRO users successful out of hand account passed the assessment.

QAD has always been committed to helping customers take full advantage of yesterday's investment, open up the market today, to seize tomorrow's opportunities. With this faith, with the initiatives and commitment Lucent Qingdao, QAD positive development to better meet the needs of enterprise management software, together with Lucent Technologies Qingdao, a new era beyond the twenty-first century.

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