Friday, October 22, 2010

Commfree 2006 Working Conference

February 20, commfree work on plans to hold the board in 2006. The main topics at the meeting as a "telecommunications companies how to create their own brand names" were discussed in depth.

First, characteristics of the communications industry

And other traditional industries, the telecommunications industry is booming last 12 years to develop a new industry, development time is short, but the effect is indeed significant. Communications industry with her unique, in order to navigate in this industry, we must fully understand the inherent characteristics of her.
1. Products with short life cycles
Communications companies within a short time, "Tides down" because the technology change quickly. The rapid development of alternative technologies to promote a product in a short time off. For example, data exchange technology, from X .25 to DDN, Frame Relay, ATM, IP / MPLS. In a short time emerging new alternative technologies, the original product before the normal market saturation as new products or new applications market space led to the emergence of rapidly reduced or even lost market space.
2. Coexistence of manufacturing and operations
Communications industry to achieve the ultimate profits are through the product manufacturers and operators have completed the manufacturing of products and services provide the ultimate ability to make profits 鏈夋椂 depends on the operators of firms for the products or services and promotion efforts Taidu;
3. Coexistence of plan and market
Communications industry, while competition in the market with strong macro-control of colors, enterprises should be competition in product and technology development, but also concerned about the government's macro control to prevent their being designated to the Outside.
4. Worldwide trend is clearly
China's telecommunications industry, product technology keep pace with global developments have been the next step, how to develop a mature experience can learn without the need to cross the river by feeling the stones of domestic enterprises, and foreign enterprises to explore the direction of development.

Second, the request for communication enterprises

These features give the industry the enterprise sector practitioners tremendous pressure to create in the industry influential brand, and keep going, which made high demands on enterprises, companies focus their product technology while have the following capabilities:
1. To master the dynamic to the ability of product technology
2. On the impact of standards and industry regulation and adaptability
3. Handling and coordination of the capacity of carrier relations
4. Rational ability to judge market
5. Ability to quickly adjust product direction
These capabilities are to ensure that enterprises can maintain growth in a dynamic prerequisite.


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog: Beware of the computer in the city's "hidden rules"

JS (profiteer) is the highest frequency of major IT Forum, an acronym. National Day, New Year's Day, a series of major promotional Hancu not allow computers on the city calmed down and was going to come Chinese New Year brought by a small IT products shopping orgasm. Seen recently in various forums, shopping cheated in the case of Computer City, emerging, and many more launch sites such as "Computer City JS means great exposure!" And other articles.

Many users have questions, price transparency is all brand computers are very high, and the city full of computer brands in the store, can I shop in this environment would be "black" not a? Yes, if you are not familiar with computer products, you are lured by some petty profits, that would be allowed to fall into the trap in JS.

Recently, computer users on the exposed some of the city rule, the message to Beijing Zhongguancun, for example, listed the gorgeous exterior Zhongguancun Computer City, the four potential rules: 蹇芥偁 customers, invoices transmission of the disease, shop upstairs and downstairs shop Shopping guide puzzle. To Huyou customer, for example, a consumer to buy A brand digital cameras, the result has been sales to defame A brand-name products for various reasons, then enthusiastically recommend B brand products, 蹇芥偁 half, many consumers are not familiar with the product also The sales staff was "kind and warm" move, when to buy B brand, only to find out a comparison of the B brands sold here, the price higher than the outside with a large, back to theory, to meet the consumer's natural that the black surface of the door god . The situation in Guangzhou Computer City also common, but are more common in Zhongguancun's thing, such as 13 floors of a store in Zhongguancun Hailong playing out on account of huyou Dafa is condemned dozens of online users.

Zhongguancun than shopping environment, the computer business district of Guangzhou Gangding no doubt, it is relatively "clean" many, at least Purchasing Guide sold upstairs with downstairs, etc. to see less obvious. However, playing a little trick misty's case will still occur. Zhongguancun, the four potential rules do appear to many consumers, "wronged" the past is the computer industry is more concerned about the city business district be formed, Computer City, the competitive situation between the expense of the city as the main computer of competition between businesses environmental change. This post in on that: "Competition in the tragic, tremendous pressure on the one hand to businesses, on the other hand, excessive competition will inevitably make Zhongguancun ecology in 'overload' conditions, the consequences will be out of the core of a large number of the lack of competition force business, on the other hand the process of elimination will be made in the shopping environment has become worse in Zhongguancun. "to the sound development of the computer business district, merchants to obtain reasonable profit, consumer rights are protected, how to achieve win-win results is difficult to find estimates A surefire plan before, in addition to store management should step up efforts, the consumer is only looking to match wits with the JS, to avoid falling into the "hidden rules" in the snares.


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Friday, October 8, 2010

Lucent Technologies Qingdao Company

Lucent Technologies Qingdao Company Information Center for Information Systems director Liu Xin remember very clearly that in 96 years on January 19, after 5 months of intense work, they finally sent to the U.S. headquarters of the first forecast of raw materials, the official opening of the raw material requirements planning (MRP). Since then, QAD's MFG / PRO software in Lucent Technologies Qingdao manufacturing production management company to assume an irreplaceable important role.

As project manager, Liu Xin well aware of its importance: "Without this software now, we will not survive. We use MFG / PRO to manage our entire production planning, forecasting and procurement of materials. If we can not predict reports issued in time, raw materials can not arrive on schedule, the factory would shutdown.

Lucent Lucent Qingdao is built in PBX domestic investment professional manufacturer plant in 93 years in May. In just four years, annual production reached 1 million on the line, with annual sales of 150 million U.S. dollars, users all over Wuhan, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong and other provinces and cities of Changchun, become the industry leader in production of program-controlled exchange, research The reason, MFG / PRO is a credit.

Comprehensive care for MFG / PRO

MFG / PRO system designed not only to consider the operation of a single plant, but the integrated management for the entire group, multinational companies strive to meet all branches and departments of the complex needs, Xiediao operation between them, thus the Group consistent development strategy and consistent with the overall goal to enhance the user's competitiveness.

For global multinational corporations, with these advantages of MFG / PRO is undoubtedly their ideal business management tools, such as AT & T listing the top Fortune 500 companies, many large multinational corporations have become the software user, including automotive, electronics, medical supplies, food and beverage manufacturing industries different.

AT & T spun off from Lucent and AT & T companies are the same as using QAD's MFG / PRO as its branch in the global standard for all software, so Lucent Qingdao began in the early days with the MFG / PRO to inventory management.

As the complexity of program-controlled switching production technology, product structure consists of 20 parts, involving more than 1,000 kinds of raw materials, semi-finished and finished parts more than 40,000, of which 95% is imported from the U.S. standard parts, so it becomes raw material demand forecasting and its important.

Liu Xin said: "'re so much material, manual calculation alone is unrealistic. MFG / PRO is the advanced way of thinking based on the product through operation to final demand translate into demand for raw materials and labor, under orders, to ensure the operation of the plant. "

Return on investment

In 1996, investment 100 million U.S. dollars of Lucent Qingdao Company to achieve by the MFG / PRO to manage the entire production plant. Lucent third week of each month the company's sales department of Qingdao will be the forecast of raw materials to the manufacturing department, the relevant data from the manufacturing department, including sales order entry MFG / PRO. The Ministry of materials as the basis for adjustment of product structure, different structures will have different materials which is also in accordance with the

Data on inventory management.

MRP will then automatically calculate the purchase orders were issued to domestic and foreign suppliers. Supplier to order delivery. At the same time, MRP will be inverted to produce a plan, delivery orders under the contract to determine the priority order of production, arrangements for production. Lucent Technologies Qingdao in the forecast period of two years, two years ahead of the demand for raw materials to formulate plans.

MFG / PRO software applications, so that the factory management has made great progress in data accuracy rate of 95%. Lucent Technologies Qingdao currently running two NCR3525 machine mainly MFG / PRO software inventory management, distribution management (including material inventory management, purchasing, sales management, BOM management, parts management, customer management, supplier management) Manufacturing Management (including product structure, process), work order management, master production planning, forecasting management, MPS management, MRP management and cost accounting management module.

Tailored to meet the demand

After years of application, Liu Xin right MFG / PRO with the design concept and performance of better understanding, he said: "MFG / PRO is a complete business management software, which is based on a sophisticated MRPII thought, from the forecast sales to determine the production planning point of view and purchase orders, it can be well coordinated operation between the various departments. It just started in our country also apply, but I think the prospects are very broad, we should actively learn from an advanced design thinking? Quot;

"It takes into account not only the individual company's management model is able to support even more prominent with departments in different parts of the working methods of transnational corporations, can share a database over the financial sector. Compared to similar products, it is that there is another strong high-tech features, the development of more mature. "

Liu Xin is also very much appreciated MFG / PRO high compatibility, he explained that MFG / PRO can be run on all major computer platforms, such as IBM, Compaq, HP, SUN and so on.

MFG / PRO MRP system is not in general use a program to apply all of the manufacturing process, but on the management of each industry has a specific software function, and continually updated to adapt to different applications. It is for the electronics, automotive, consumer goods, food and medical industries to provide different solutions. As the modular design is flexible, in accordance with their business customers can configure their own circumstances, so large, small businesses can use. In addition, when the client's business changes, they can make their own adjustments to the system to adapt to new demands. Lucent Qingdao, Liu Xin, once made a lot of these adjustments, such as the standard cost. He said: "MFG / PRO in the standard cost of product to sub-raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products, but the way we ask is different, so we made some changes. It is very good flexibility, using the tree structure, programming is easy. "

In addition, MFG / PRO user interface intuitive to use, people do not understand the computer can quickly use, Liu Yu-hsin, because: "This is a set of management software, focus on process rather than computer knowledge, general staff after 5 days of training had to master basic skills, some of our users can even write your own some small programs. "Even in minor matters, MFG / PRO also thoughtful: for example it automatically calculate exchange gains and losses with the financial help of financial staff more quickly and easily complete the calculations.

The training of self-support

Xin Liu said Qingdao Lucent application MFG / PRO for four years, from early only for simple inventory management, as well as subsequent management of the entire production, during which the basic problems they can own, so their information systems the whole structure works very well, MFG / PRO is running very stable, which no doubt for the factory production management has a positive role in promoting.

In addition, Lucent also often held in-house training in Qingdao, Liu Xin himself has presided over several training sessions. He believes that the development of Qingdao Lucent MFG / PRO software process, staff training has played a very important role. He said generally the normal start MRP takes 18 months, while Lucent Qingdao time in less than six months on successful completion of this project lies in the internal staff who have received previous adequate training.

The training is the main task of QAD Chinese companies and one of key support, is also rather unique way. It means the transfer of technology through training, enabling customers to have their MFG / PRO experts, to achieve self-support. At the starting time may seem slower, but long-term development perspective, this strategy is very successful in China.

In addition, QAD Chinese companies support hotline is also available in each of the different training courses are open to users about the latest technology, the user can plan their own time to participate.

Full system performance

However, am not satisfied that Liu Xin is currently just in the factory in Qingdao Lucent internal use MFG / PRO, but also focused on the manufacturing field, which is equivalent to simply use the "global supply chain management system" in a very small part of the role of the software is far from the full.

So they plan to further develop new modules, especially in financial aspects. Lucent Technologies Qingdao currently using part of the cost of computing, the next step they intend to start some general ledger, and has purchased MFG / PRO version of the new financial enhancement, ready to be put into use.

In fact, for the MFG / PRO financial part of the country can adapt to the requirements in this regard, QAD Chinese company has set up an expert group of software localization, and strive to help China's MFG / PRO users successful out of hand account passed the assessment.

QAD has always been committed to helping customers take full advantage of yesterday's investment, open up the market today, to seize tomorrow's opportunities. With this faith, with the initiatives and commitment Lucent Qingdao, QAD positive development to better meet the needs of enterprise management software, together with Lucent Technologies Qingdao, a new era beyond the twenty-first century.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

PPTV sued the PPS legislation grievances to experts hope

Event Review:

April 19, has been downloaded PPLive network television and PP Accelerator client software users download "PPS Network TV V2.6.86.9024 official version of" when, "PPS safety testing" program automatically pop-up "test to PPLive and PP accelerator may affect the normal use of PPS Network TV "and automatically default check" Uninstall selected program. " PPS uses a directory-type deleted automatically scan user's hard drive, users without knowledge of the case, remove the registry information, and rewrite the system disk file, resulting in PPLive software can not be used.

April 20, PPS to upgrade the whole network, all computers installed with software such as PPLive is detected while the software is installed, is automatically a "safety tips" directly induce the user to uninstall. High degree of coincidence between the two, this "nuclear" level of force sufficient to remove the means to destroy competitors.

April 20, PPLive on PPS's "illegal uninstall" behavior in the Shanghai Intermediate People's Court of anti-unfair competition litigation.

Expert opinion:

The reporters interviewed more than two events industry experts, an Assistant Secretary-General of the Internet Society of China stone is rose, a Peking University Law School Professor Zhang Ping.

Stone is rose Internet Society of China:

View of the above events, the China Internet Association, Assistant Secretary-General Stone is l said that in 2006 the Internet Society of China has caused a great uproar in society "rogue software" in the convening of a seminar, the establishment of an "anti-malware software coordination work team". June 2007, Internet Society of China Anti-Malicious Software co-ordination group set up anti-malware Certification Committee, and issued a "" malicious software-defined "rules" (Click to view details). According to "" malicious software definitions "Rules", PPS trigger uninstall PPLive software, litigation can refer to rules of the provisions of Article 6 (misleading, tricking users to uninstall other software) processing.

Peking University Law School Professor Zhang Ping:

1, on the PPS software constitutes "malicious software"?

Zhang: The domestic law does not clearly defined on the malicious software, but industry organizations - Internet Society of China announced "" malicious software "defined rules" and have defined.

In this case, PPS's behavior is through the "PPS safety testing" message box prompts the user to pay attention to relevant documents PPLive PPS may affect normal use of the software and the default check the "Uninstall selected program." Safety testing results in the prompt, PPS did not explain to the user impact of PPS PPLive software or software the details of the possible security threats, the objective may prompt other software errors, so that the user may be directed to unload the PPLive software . From this perspective, PPS software meets the technical characteristics of the Internet Society for "malicious software" definition.

2, the constitution of "anti-unfair competition law," Regulation of unfair competition?

Zhang: China's "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" adopted general legislation and cited the combination of technology to the provisions of unfair competition: first, the general provisions. "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" in article 2, paragraph 2: "this law of unfair competition, is operating in violation of provisions of this Law, damage the lawful rights and interests of other operators, disrupt the social and economic order of"; Second, the cited provisions of. In addition to general terms, the "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" detailed lists 11 types of unfair competition. In this case, PPS that the act does not belong to "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" Chapter cited unfair competition, so only the general provisions under the Act on the nature of the behavior of PPS identified.

The academic world for the "anti-unfair competition law" in article 2, paragraph 2, recognize the existence of different views: one view which is of a general provision that "anti-unfair competition law," the regulation of competition is not limited to the law Chapter 2 details the 11 behaviors listed, and should include the Law Article 2, paragraph 2, the behavior identified; another point of view, "anti-unfair competition law" unfair competition identified in the Act only Chapter 2 lists the 11 categories of behavior, unless the law clearly defined, shall not be under the general category of acts outside the terms of the behavior of 11 self-identified as unfair competition, unfair competition with the "legal" character.

In addition, the general provisions of the lack of maneuverability, it is difficult to adapt to the rapid development of network environment, business practices, the urgent need for the authorities to apply the general provisions of the development of specific rules or judicial practice in the administration of justice to be clear.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Discussion: The future of C #

This world is no more affecting than the programming tools programmer's heart. VC, VB, DELPHI, JAVA ... ... the names of these brilliant programmers life is not only occupied, but also seems to have become a kind of faith. However, with the pace of the new century, these beliefs once again suffered a major challenge. Microsoft, the head judge and hackers were both tired and angry to endure the lion, vowed to keep its head in the crown, pushed hard and came up housekeeping in the ability --. NET strategy. As. NET's core development languages, C # logical on the surface. Programmers also have to make a painful choice, who followed behind? To find the answer would have to make some comparison and prediction. I, as a senior programmer, venture in this raving, right to start a discussion.

If you put aside all the non-technical aspects of De factors, C # Wu Yi is the best ever on the planet's programming language, it almost Jizhong all about software development and software engineering research in the Zuixinchengguo. Object-oriented, type-safe, component technology, automatic memory management, cross-platform exception handling, version control, code security management ... ... you can not find another language all these features. Although, as many have noted, the same as when I list the features, you always make people think of JAVA, C # does, however, go further. But the reality is that non-technical factors are often more a product of the decision the future, especially in the history of computer software, technical excellence of products, such as OS / 2, Mac OS, UNIX, have defeated the Windows pretty under the cheek. This time, Microsoft's role as empty-handed from a revolutionary into a bully of the old landlord, if indeed the weather changes, the child does it mean that C # is voted the wrong tires? May be the case is not so bad, after all, dead camel thin Bima big, but C # has been submitted to a standards organization, if they become international standards,'m not really itchy which the heroes (there may be Microsoft's own) to migrate to Linux and other platforms. In that case, JAVA may disaster. JAVA is mainly because the users network services software developers and developers of embedded devices, embedded devices, software is not C # in the battlefield, and in Web services, C # compiler and real-time native code than the JAVA virtual machine Cache program with the absolute performance advantages. Moreover, once a C # like C as the public's standards, not only can save JAVA software developer license costs do not have to worry about becoming a slave to Microsoft, those anti-Microsoft people and ideas vendors who may not be independent any comments. This may be just what Microsoft expected.

If the C # and JAVA web services in the field of battle than to fight for the future of air superiority, then C # and the rapid development of traditional general-purpose tool - VB, DELPHI and so the contest will be downright bayonet charge. Perhaps the most tragic is that VB programmers programmers at Microsoft, VB just like the outgoing Clinton not only lost all the glory, and random things ridden. Think about it, VB6 to write the project must be based on conversion tools convert. NET code can be transferred in VB7 in almost beyond recognition. As VB7 to follow suit. NET common language specification established (CLS), almost all of the original only in C, JAVA and other languages can use all features added in, is compatible with the original grammar. If you are a first time VB7 see their old VB6 code after conversion project, be sure to take care of your heart! So, to bar, do not tell me you will retire on this. DELPHI situation as bad, the original locked up applications to start faster and better, but now look at the latest VS.NET Beta 1, you will feel so familiar, many property list, component ... ... Who do you poor, even the chief architect of all support not live.

In fact, the dominant programming language has been a real C, all the operating systems and most commercial software is developed using C as the main language. JAVA is also a C programmer most of the fans, PHP's success which has similar syntax C credit. The operating system, device drivers, video games and other fields, C in a long time it will remain a dominant position, while the largest number of applications in the development of the, C # is likely to replace the C position. First of all, C # and JAVA, as is simply copying the C part of the grammar, therefore, a large number of C programmers to learn them very easy to use, another for the novice, to be simpler than C. Second, Windows is the monopoly of the platform, and develop Windows applications, of course, Microsoft's voice can not be ignored. Most importantly, compared to C, with C # development and application software can greatly shorten the development cycle, and can use that, apart from user interface code than C code.

However, C # also has shortcomings. First, a large number of existing Windows platform, C # program can not run, because the C # program needs. NET runtime as the basis. NET runtime will serve as the next generation of Windows (Whistler) part of the issue, or Service Pack in the form submitted to the Windows Me and Windows 2000 users. So in the near future, C # will mainly be applied on the server. Second, C # can use the component or library has only. NET runtime and so very little choice, not a rich third-party software libraries available, this requires a process, while the support of all software developers is also important. Third, JAVA success factors in a number of anti-Microsoft camp touted, although "only write once, run anywhere" is just a slogan, but after all, already a mature technology. The C # advocates present, only Microsoft's poor reputation, and only run on Windows,. In fact the two languages are not irreplaceable, sensible that the software developers, the most familiar with what what is the best tool. In particular, users of the C, C # does not bring any new things, because. NET runtime can also be used in C did not want to change the absolute reason.

In conclusion, I think, in recent years, C # will inevitably rise in the Windows platform to become the master and JAVA will be UNIX, Linux and other platforms to become dominant, C will continue to flex its muscles in the system software . Very interesting is that the syntax of these languages is extremely close, as JAVA and C # are all evolved from the C. Other development tools will of course a long time to continue their journey, but in market share, will inevitably suffer.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stamp effect in the production of Fireworks

1. New File width = 300, height = 300, where we set the background color of golden yellow

2. In the editor to draw with the rectangle tool to drag a rectangle, fill color is black. Open storke panel, set the Figure (Figure 1). And then click Open storke panel at the top right of the black arrow in the pop-up menu, select edit storke .

3, the following settings in the pop-up box, the spacing (step) set to 170% (Figure 2)

4, open a picture, with the picture onto the editing area, adjust upper and lower positions they have teeth on the picture above the rectangle, as shown (Figure 3). At the same time to select them, modify --- mask - -group as mask. effect of out it.

5. To stamp with the word, the final results shown (Figure 4)


I was complacent, someone spoke out: not ah, I've seen stamps on white side of the tooth in the middle of the map is surrounded by a white box. Immediately ran to buy stamps for a look, if this man is really words. Never mind, we re to

White tooth edge stamps

1, the new document width = 300, height = 300, background color is golden yellow,

2, with the rectangle tool drag in the editor to draw a rectangle, fill color is white. Storke panel set to none in the no strokes.

3, select the white rectangle, edit --- clone, the cloned rectangle's fill color to black, and then modify --- transform --- numeric transform the original in the pop-up box to reduce the length and width of the 15 pixels, as shown (Figure 5),

Now this is the result map (Fig. 6)

4, select the white rectangle, open storke panel, set the figure (Figure 1), point storke upper right corner of the black panel on the small arrow in the pop-up menu to select edit storke, the spacing in the pop-up box set 170 %, the other as the default.

5, open the image, and use tools to image onto the editing area, then adjust their relations deserves a upper and lower, the black rectangle on top, picture on the second floor, a white rectangle on the bottom gear. Also selected black rectangle and the image, modify --- mask --- group as mask. how like? satisfied with it! do not forget to add words to it, the final results shown (Figure 7)

Teach you a little trick, if you place pictures in the stamps are not satisfied, you can layer panel, to mask the link opens (Figure 8) and then move the picture to a satisfactory position.

Well, here today, shaking it.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lohan DVD to PS2

Lohan DVD to PS2 is a professional DVD movie to PS2 video converter software. Lohan DVD to PS2 directly converts DVD movies to your PS2. All you need do is to connect PS2 to your PC and start Super DVD to PS2 Converter. When the conversion is completed. Lohan DVD to PS2 is an innovative Windows application that transcodes your favorite DVD movies to SONY PS2 directly. You can easily convert both PAL/NTSC DVDs for optimized video playback on PS2. Integrated world-class MPEG4 encoder make it possible to transcode whole DVD disc with the time half of playback time of DVD. You can select any audio track, subtitle, chapters of the DVD as you want.